Biesse Taiwan: Continuously upgrade ourselves and move forward together

The most striking(eye-grabbing)Italian exhibitor must be Biesse in WoodTaiwan 2018, the large exhibition space not only shows that Biesse pays much attention to the Taiwan market, but also bring the latest new technology for WoodTaiwan .We are very pleased to have the interview with Mr.Chris Chan, Taiwan branch manage of Biesse ,to share his experience with our readers.

Q: What’s the exhibition space and the motivation to attend WoodTaiwan?
We do not believe it boasting the largest booth space in WoodTaiwan although Biesse is a leading machine manufacture in the world. Rather, our aim is to show solutions that will benefit customers in the local market (for example, in this case, the Taiwanese customers). The Biesse booth at WoodTaiwan was just the right size for us to show a simple set up of an efficient factory with a CNC nesting machine, drilling and dowel inserting machine and an edgebanding machine. With this set up, users can easily make various kinds of furniture. We also set a dedicated corner at our booth where visitors were able to explore the Biesse software from our senior engineer.

Q: What’s the main products to exhibit in WoodTawian? Please indicate the functions, features, etc.
NESTING FACTORY. Nesting Factory is our theme this time, such include Rover AFT is the CNC nesting machine centre that offers top of the range technology for flexible and just in time production. Sizing, squaring and drilling operation in just one machine. The fastest machine in this range in the world. Also Stream A is the full servo control edgebanding machine for different edge thickness application. The operator doesn’t need any manual adjustment. Available with the grooving unit with high precision and quality suitable for the Taiwanese market. Besides, the point to point boring-inserting machine for glue and dowel insertion. The Laser length measuring device allows zero setting time for real batch one production.

Q: What’s the strategic of Asian woodworking market management?
Biesse is an Italian company established in 1969. Our main strategy in Asia is to set up offices with local teams to be close to our customers in order to provide efficient sales and service support. We have the largest permanent showroom of the industry in Malaysia where there are more than 12 technologies on display. The showroom in Malaysia welcomes guests from around the Asian region. In Taiwan, we have grown aggressively over a mere three years with 2 knowledgeable sales managers and 5 experienced engineers who are based in Taiwan.

Q : Is this the first time Biesse attend WoodTaiwan? Do you feel good with the show?
 Biesse used to participate in Wood Taiwan with a local agent with whom we share a good relationship. Since the establishment of Biesse Taiwan, we now have the resources to manage our independent participation in such exhibition. 
The market needs to know that they are able to have timely sales and support services. By participating at Wood Taiwan as Biesse Taiwan, we are able to strengthen such importance to our customers. The results from Biesse being at the exhibition is definitely positive in terms of sales and branding.

Q: What’s the purpose of Biesse to attend the show? Did you reach the goal?
 We were confident from the beginning that Wood Taiwan is an important exhibition for the woodworking industry in Taiwan where we will have lots of opportunities to meet with existing customers and new buyers. We also brought in machines, and invited product specialists from Italy to the exhibition to demonstrate the advantages of Biesse technologies.

Yes, we met the objectives of participating in the exhibition because we met many existing customers and new buyers who were interested in what Biesse offers. We also had the opportunity to introduce ourselves to smaller carpenters who have not heard of Biesse. Industry partners also visited our booth to have a better understanding of Biesse technologies.

Q: How do you think the marketing demand of the Woodworking industry ?and how is your sales figure this year?
 End-users are getting more discerning than before, and many designers are looking to create products that are extraordinary, hence many woodworking manufacturers are now looking for a more flexible solutions that enable them the possibility to produce customized products. It is only the first quarter of year 2018, but we are very happy with the sales result we achieved so far. We are confident that this is going to be a great year for Biesse Taiwan.

Q: Why customers prefer Biesse ?How is the competitive of Biesse in market?
The advantages of Biesse technologies include:

  • Innovation that eases the management of machining processes
  • Flexible solutions that help users save time and space with good quality finishing
  • An absolutely safe condition for machine operators to work in

The competition amongst high-end leading machine manufacturers is considered at a good stage now as the market starts to embrace Industrial Revolution 4.0. The market starts to understand the evolution towards automation and Biesse is constantly organising events to help our customers learn better and faster.

Q: How do you think about the future?
We see a lot of potential yet it is a challenging period of the woodworking industry in Asia in the coming few years. This industry is moving very rapidly, changing in many ways especially following the wave of Industrial revolution 4.0, and this is why we continuously upgrade ourselves in knowledge, technology and relationship with our customers to move forward together.