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Huge Furniture Opportunity in India 2018-02-13
Based on the data from Trade Map, India is the 14th largest furniture market in ..
Digital printing is transforming the European lami.. 2018-02-13
“Those who invented laminate can reinvent it over and over again” – this is the ..
End-of-show report on Expo Mueblera 2018-02-09
This year’s Magna Expo Mueblera – consisting of two international flagship fairs..
Modular multilayer floorings: Expansion through in.. 2018-01-31
he European MMFA Association is picking up this topic and will be presenting a s..
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Build Brand Culture, Integrate Marketing Mode - Franz Collection CEO Mr. Chen 2018-02-09
What is your business culture?People without principles or main ideas can’t explain well what...
The Development of Global Woodworking Machinery | Dr. Bill Hung 2018-02-09
Global woodworking machinery market has been settled down  Hung, the president of Boarke...
USFloors makes Coretec Global 2017-04-25
Founded in 2001, US Floors has become renowned in the flooring industry for its innovative products...
Meet with DAI PHUC VINH CO., LTD. 2017-04-20
Over 20 years, furniture industry in Vietnam has developed its scale which attracting attention from...
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