HDG Furniture Design Newcomer Award Competition at YODEX

HDG has done it again! This is the woodworking academy that teaches students from all walks of life how to work with solid wood and stretch the limits of their imaginations. This year, the Fifth Nationwide HDG Furniture Design Newcomer Award was held on May 18, 2013.

YODEX 2013 - 32nd International Young Designers' Exhibition was the venue where HDG held the event. (Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC) Exhibition Hall 1). On site were three professors and experts who completed their assessments and interviewed the contestants. Sponsored and co-organized by the HDG Foundation and Woodworking & Furniture Digest, April 23rd was the registration deadline for the competition. A total of 45 pieces were submitted by contestants from 21 universities. HDG carefully selected experts and professors to serve as judges, and after more than three hours, 11 finalists from 7 universities were selected.
After much deliberation, results were officially released.

Gold Award - N/A. Standards for this award are high, and so far, no one has managed to earn it.

The Silver Award went to a piece called "Turn & Nap". With beautiful joinery and exquisite curves, the chair serves two purposes. One may sit normally and work at a desk. But for the traditional Taiwanese nap taken at lunchtime, one may easily turn around and lean forward against the backrest. The elongated rest curves back for the head to comfortably lay against.

Inspired by Scandinavian design, three Bronze Awards went to a rocking chair dubbed "Modern", a piece called "Life in a Rental Room" and "Renaissance Chairs".

With ergonomics in mind, the seat and back are spring loaded to maximize comfort for the user. Judges suggested that the center of gravity may need some adjustment to improve the rocking motion.

Honorable mentions went to works such as “the 21° Chair”, “The Stool of Fate” and “Living Together”.

Common trends in style included the combination of Eastern cultural design with Nordic functionality. They also included ergonomics and practical use of space.  So far, Golden Award has yet to be granted. We look forward to more wondrous designs at the next edition!



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