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lumber11Fast growing technology accelerates the pace of our daily life. Huge volume of information seemly suppresses our breathing, ignoring the beauty near us. Quality of life is decreasing gradually. With this trend in recent years, there are getting more people in Taiwan start pursuing simple life, and paying attention on master craftsman who emphasize details and patience. On October 8 2016 “Yuan Chi”, an craft exhibition, was held by National Taiwan Craft Research And Development Institute (NTCRI). In this show we have the opportunity to interview “Lumber 11”, a group of people gathering together to develop woodworking project.

“Lumber 11” was founded by 11 craftsman who finished training program from NTCRI. From their works we can easily observe their attention to details in woodworking joints. Their design consider modern lifestyle, creating unique and attractive collections, increasing our awareness on small things in daily life. Each year members in “Lumber 11” make their works based on one design topic made by their design director. Designers in NTCRI also provide support in developing design structure.

In “Lumber 11”, you can find multiple materials applied in their works; Leaf-shaped coasters made by copper and wood, Wood-made retro wireless bluetooth speaker, acorn-shaped light applied by cherry and PLA, triangle-shaped magnet broom and dust pan, various collections impressed visitors.

lumber11 sound

Currently occasional exhibitions are their main promotion platform. Soon collections will be sold on one famous local online shopping website “udn shopping”.

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