The Interview with Mr. Joseph Jou

(The President of ISIS Products Corporation)

Please briefly introduce your company. What is your business relationship with Stiles?
Since 1981, ISIS Products Corporation (I.P.C.) has been dedicated to bridging between supply chains and distributors in the field of woodworking machinery globally. At I.P.C., we continuously strive to bring the very best quality and affordability to our customers throughout the world. We teamwork with some of the world's best manufacturers and innovators, which resulted in several advanced solid wood and panel processing technologies and machines that have created efficient and cost saving solutions for the woodworking industry!
I.P.C. is constantly expanding its network base.  Our latest services include metalworking, plastic injection, palletizing, packaging, pneumatic products, and consumable products, such as abrasives, hardware, saw blades, and tooling. In addition, I.P.C. continues to represent many well-known brands from Europe and the U.S.A. toward the increasing consumer demand of high-end products in Taiwan. 
We are sole agent and liaison office to Stiles for solid wood technology development of both Kentwood and Ironwood name brands since 2006.

What is the core value of the company?
Our core value is to offer new innovations and better solutions, backed by strong commitment and after-sales support to ensure customer total satisfaction.

What is your marketing tactics ?
We have been supplying a wide range of woodworking machinery and related equipment to customers around the globe. As an experienced expert and market leader in this field, ISIS Products Corporation consistently brings efficiency and quality to customers. This is how we have been building trust and reputation among our customers. Looking forward, ISIS Products Corporation is positioning itself as an integrator of production line equipment, offering customers one-stop shop for woodworking production solutions.
Can you analyze the global woodworking machinery market now?
As economy and competition become more challenging, consumers demand better quality and well priced D-I-Y and medium size woodworking machinery. Whilst demand of fully automated production woodworking equipment is steadily grown due to constant labor cost increase.

What are the advantage and disadvantage of Taiwan woodworking machinery industry now?
We are pleased to see second and third generation of Taiwanese manufacturers getting actively involved in upgrading quality of their production and new product innovation. The advantage is these factories are self-funded from wealth accumulated since the first generation owner. The disadvantage is their investment into adapting new technology is somewhat conservative.

Please give some advice for Taiwan woodworking machinery manufacturers who are interested in global market?
In the past years, Taiwan Woodworking Machinery Association has been striving efforts to bring members to form W team(s) toward solid wood turn-key solutions. This is where we see new opportunities to gain market shares as more software solutions break-through can be achieved.

Other comments!
Taiwanese woodworking machinery manufacturers may cooperate to raise the bar for overseas competitions by focusing more on software solutions and turn-key projects.
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