Wood Taiwan 2015 Not Just Machinery, but Green SOLUTIONS

The highly anticipated WoodTaiwan 2015 Exhibition is making its debut in 2015. Things will be different this time because TWMA is taking the bull by the horns and organizing the event in conjunction with TAITRA. Standing director of TWMA Mr. Joe Chang, also the general manager of Kuang Yung Machinery Co., Ltd. is at the helm of organization, and he made time for us at interwood to conduct an interview. Time was of the essence, so we had to keep it short.

Q: What is the main objective of WoodTaiwan 2015?
Let me start off by giving you a general perspective on Taiwan's recent woodworking industry. Up until 2008 Taiwan ranked third in the world for export volume. Since then we've ranked fourth. Most of our sales go overseas, and our domestic market is fairly small. Our solid wood processing equipment makes up the bulk of our exports, while most of our Taiwanese clients purchase panel processing machines. The main objective of WoodTaiwan 2015, of course, is to attract overseas agents and end users since that is where our largest market is. Furthermore, most of our woodworking machine companies rank as small to medium sized enterprises. For many of them, to exhibit at overseas events is a very costly endeavor. So this triennial event in Taiwan is an ideal chance for them to showcase their technology at affordable costs. We need to maximize their exposure. At the same time, we aim to impress the government so that our industry may be granted more subsidies for overseas expansion in new markets. 
Q: Can you shed some light on what sort of advancements Taiwan has made since the last woodworking machine exhibition?
It's been 4 years since the last major exhibition for woodworking machines took place in Taiwan. During this time, as an industry, we've been focusing on R&D, and many companies have made great strides. With an increase in labor costs and a decline in skilled labor, automation has become the main focus. Many of them are using other new technologies within their automation such as scanners and sensors that can replace the Human eye. New developments in CNC programming interact with these, as well as servo motors, robotics and other components to make processing more efficient and accurate. In a nutshell, we have been developing "Intelligent Automation". The integration of automatic quality control inspection, input/output quantities, etc. add higher levels of important information which, ultimately, augment end-users' general production management. As demand for small batch wide variety orders are on the rise, these systems need to accommodate various input specifications in programming, and know how to govern changes in tooling, feed speeds, and other factors of automated production. This is all very important for small to medium sized factories to meet rising demands for high quality, custom order products. They need the flexibility to keep their prices down and still make a profit. 
Q: Beyond advancements in intelligent automation, has Taiwan been developing new ways to compete with designs and technologies in other countries like Germany, Italy and China?
There are many technical universities focusing on furniture design and production in Taiwan. We also have wood working academies such as HDG that give students hands-on training in traditional craftsmanship found all over the world. We are cultivating a new breed of furniture designer capable of making not just functional furniture, but high quality, ergonomic, original pieces tantamount to works of art, yet capable of being produced with intelligent automation. 
Q: As for your company, KUANG YUNG, is there a theme to your exhibit, and what machinery do you plan to show?
We'll be exhibiting stand alone automated CNC machines while showing how they integrate into full production lines. This is what echoes in the market from agents and regional managers. Constant improvements in telecommunications are making it easier to improve after sales services to allow us to help end users with quicker solutions. Our brand's reputation in the market is solid, and as clients recognize how easily our machines integrate with others, they eventually don't deviate from KUANG YUNG when procuring new machines.
Q: What does KUANG YUNG emphasize with its R&D?
We specialize in solid wood preparation. We integrate computer technology to decrease labor costs, increase efficiency, make small batch wide variety runs easy. The data from these computer systems make it easier for production managers to streamline overall operations. As we conduct R&D our focus is on the needs of the end user. Our team works closely with engineers from other countries as well as government approved research organizations like PMC,  MIRDC, ITRI and CPC. KUANG YUNG is making R&D strides similar to those made throughout the industry I previously mentioned. 
Q: Does KUANG YUNG have specific plans to open new markets?
KUANG YUNG produces 20 different types of machines and to limit risk we focus evenly on all types. No single machine earns more that 20% of our total sales, meaning that sales a spread evenly throughout our product line. We adjust our machine functionality to flow with market trends. I think that markets can grow or be opened in every corner of the world. The internet reaches further into the nooks and crannies of the planet, and with 3C technology and smart devices, as long as people know how to search on engines like GOOGLE, with the click of a button the can learn all they need to know about what companies offer. 
Finally, the Taiwanese government has proposed a plan proposing four modernizations for three industries: These include automation in fields such as manufacturing services, service and technology, international services and traditional industry specialization. Because of Taiwan's many years of OEM manufacturing, its industry has been able to enter the global the market. It has made strides in marketing, branding and R&D as well as manufacturing services to meet customer needs. 
Q: What other hopes and expectations do you have for WoodTaiwan 2015?
I have three points to make here. Most woodworking machinery factories today are run by their original founders' second generation. They watched how hard their fathers worked to establish the companies, and they are highly motivated. They also have higher levels of education and training. This, combined with the experience of traditional methodology, puts them in a position to create high quality, distinctive machinery. Second, I hope the visitors can see that the Taiwanese design their machinery using the perspective of the end user. Lastly, not only do I hope, but I know that this upcoming event will put more of our manufacturers in contact with each other and encourage more of them to combine forces and work together as teams to increase competitive prowess abroad. This is a trend that is on the rise in Taiwan, and it is proving to be very effective.
Q: What about the theme of WoodTaiwan 2015, and how the machinery coincides with its meaning?
Environmentalism is growing in many parts of the world. In order to keep up with this trend, visitors at WoodTaiwan 2015 will see that Taiwan has widely embraced "Green" thinking; not only in the development of its constantly improving demographics, but in the design of production machinery as well. With metal, you can always melt down the scraps and produce new working material. But wood takes time to grow. Visitors will find machinery that minimizes waste while maximizing output. operators will experience less noise pollution and safer conditions. There will be machinery that use scrap to make building materials. Finish applications that maximize material savings with water-borne chemicals that minimize solvents... complete production lines that drastically reduce labor requirements... In general, you can compare the constant advancements in smart phone advancements with the advancements in woodworking machine functionality that Taiwan is poised to unveil. The impact these machines stand to have on the environment has come light-years away from what is being used or what used to exist. Finally, I'd like to emphasize value. When those looking to procure Taiwanese built woodworking machinery see first-hand what we have to offer, they will certainly compare our technology to those of other countries. I am confident that they will be very impressed with our prices. 
For more information about WoodTaiwan 2015, please visit www.woodtaiwan.com. The event is set to take place at the TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall, and showcase the latest in Machines & Equipment for Primary Processing, (Production of Veneer & Plywood, Sawmilling, etc.), Machines & Equipment for Secondary Processing (Sawing, Planing, Moulding, Turning, Edge Banding, Finger Jointing, Boring, Tenoning, Mortising, Sanding, Machining, etc.), Machines & Equipment for Surface Finishing, Machines & Equipment for Special Processes, Machines & Equipment for Special Product Groups, Machines & Equipment for Maintenance of Tools, Tools and Auxiliaries, Extraction Equipment and Woodworking Machinery Components. Taiwan aims to show the world the passion and sophistication of its woodworking machinery. We hope to see you there in early July. 
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