The Passion of Mr. Oscar Lin

Upon arrival at Co-Matic, one is struck by the beauty of the design of the company's new factory complex. With landscaped outdoors and sleek interiors, Co-Matic's headquarters could easily be mistaken for being the office of an architectural firm or insurance company. Co-Matic's Founder and Managing Director, Mr. Oscar Lin, played in integral part in making his beautiful work environment come true and is a reflection of the man’s life-long passion with design and details. The Early Days As a teenager, Oscar recalled spending much of his after school hours helping in the family's furniture parts wood shop. He remembered that, should a customer present a more complicated working sample, and that their machinery was not able to produce it, he would be helping eagerly in designing or modifying the machine to do the job. A curious and problem solving attitude really began at quite an early age for Oscar. Oscar gained his actual woodworking machine manufacturing and designing experience through eleven years with Champ Fond Machinery, owned by his brother in law who was one of the pioneers of the Taiwanese woodworking machine industry. He left as the General Manager of the company. Co-Matic is Born In 1984, Oscar started Co-Matic. When asked why he chose low volume, low priority power feeders, he responded with a smile, "I did not have much of a choice but what others left out." He explained that seven members of his family, along with a few of good friends, had covered just about all the important or better machines. To avoid being in competition with families and friends, an accessory (power feeder) was his only option. Despite his rather late start (being the youngest member of his family) and the disadvantage of the item of choice, Oscar believed that if he could be a 'value provider' to his customers, he would eventually earn his name. A True Power Feeder Specialist Today, Co-Matic exports to more than seventy countries globally, designs and manufactures the most extended range of power feeders (30 plus models) in the industry, is recognized globally as world’s largest ODM manufacturer and a true power feeder specialist. With most of the developed countries worldwide pretty much covered, Co-Matic now spends the majority of its resources focusing on the developing countries: like China, Russia, Vietnam, and Mexico, etc. That is, countries that have potential. "To enjoy the potential, is to put in efforts and grow with it and for as long as it takes," Oscar explained. Future The company's operations in China are not indented to replace Co-Matic, but as a step to ensure Co-Matic Taiwan becoming an even stronger company in the global perspective. Oscar continued: "Co-Matic Taiwan is diversifying our product lines. More money and efforts are being spent on R&D and on management, taking the advantages of Taiwan and turning them into 'value of Taiwan' is the best way to go."
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