Technology Improves Machine Accuracy and Quality

│Precision Machinery Research & Development Center - James Chang 張熙榮

For precision castings or weldments, residual stress relief is considered as an important process. Annealing has been a traditional method to relieve the residual stress of castings for a long time. Although  annealing is an effective stress relief approach, it costs not only much but also takes a few days to complete the process. In recent years, machine's delivery date is much shortened by the demand of customer orders. Vibratory stress relief(VSR) provides a good choice for the machine makers due to its fast and economic advantage. More and more people are paying attention to the development of VSR technology for machine building sector in industrialized countries.        
Comparing with annealing, the apparent benefits of vibratory stress relief are energy saving and environment protection. Vibratory stress relief spends less than 10% energy of that consumed by annealing process. Some of Taiwan wood machine makers had applied vibratory stress relief in their machine building processes. This technology is used for improving machine accuracy and quality. 
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