Automatic Straight Surface Knife Grinder


Classification:Planer knife grinding machines
Main features:
1. Both main grinding and fine grinding wheel can be manual and automatic feeding. Grinding infeed and infeed length can be set up. The minimum grinding infeed is 0.005mm.
2. Machine body is built into one piece by compact welded steel plates which have been heating treated to get a high rigid construction.
3. Sliding guide ways have been reinforced, heating-treated and fine ground up to HRC 60°
4. Sliding guide ways are replaceable.
5. Spindle of main motor equipped with a compulsive cooling system to ensure a better cooling effect of knives.
6. Machine length can be produced from 1600mm to 4000mm up on customers' ordering. (optional)
7. Grinding segment available for grinding surface (thickness) of knives. (optional)
8. Auto lubricating device is set up for all sliding guide ways but a manual compulsive lubrication is also available when needed.
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