Ripe Time for Modernization of Production Machinery

Since three years ago, the timber industry has been on the uptrend. Many machinery companies have jumped on the bandwagon to capitalize on this growth curve by extending their marketing and promotion efforts through platforms that are deemed appropriate and forward looking. The IFMAC series is one of such exhibitions that has garnered a good following and companies have registered satisfaction and expressed confidence in the very customer oriented and industry specific exhibition.
Mr. Adi Gunawan, Branch Manager of Alpha Utama Mandiri, PT pointed out that the potential of production machinery sales in Indonesia is experiencing great increase reversing a 5 year decline prior 2011. He postulates that the next three years will be bullish with the highest growth in the panel furniture industry with solid wood market dominated by bare core and plywood. IFMAC is among the first woodworking machinery in Indonesia and that his company first participation achieved more than satisfactory results. It gained new prospects and new customers in the sales of a number of woodworking machinery. One of them is the Precision Panel Saw Griggio brands from Italy which saw a deal sealed for a material cutting machinery. In IFMAC 2014, Alpa Utama Mandiri, PT will showcase this as well as other newer machines. 
Gracia Mulya PT joined the IFMAC last year for the first time. "Our participation in IFMAC is to introduce Brush Sanding machines and to offer the solutions for the furniture industry especially the sanding aspect," said Mr. Bob Kurniawan, the Director of Gracia Mulya, PT. In the beginning, the company took advantage of the need for the 'finishing' industry. Their company was originally more involved in UV Coating. Mr. Bob had felt it necessary to provide solutions for labor savings while reducing the processing time of production. It encouraged Gracia Mulya's cooperation with experienced European company in the field of sanding, especially the Brush Sanding machine. From projects secured for the company in 2014, Gracia Mulya, PT is confident of a good year ahead. It strives to be the number one choice of wood processing industry customers in Indonesia and is convinced that IFMAC is the platform to help it achieve so.
Mr. George Lunarso of Felder Group foresaw a growth in the next 2 to 3 years in the woodworking market in Indonesia. There is a dire need for machines with high efficiency and big production capacities. There will be competition among the firms competing locally as well as internationally. By modernization, production capacity can be increased without adding on labour costs. CNC machines, beam saws, running saws, automatic edge banders and wide belt sanders are all necessities in almost every woodworking company. 
There is generally a strong feel and recognition about the technological advancement of European production machinery. However, the Taiwanese made and China made machines are cheaper in price and also easier to maintain with spare parts more readily available. Hence, in conclusion, it bodes well for all manufacturers to be present in IFMAC 2014. Regardless of the origin of the company, be it European, Chinese or Taiwanese etc, opportunities abound for the correct fit for each company, in terms of preferences and price points. We look forward to partnering you in IFMAC 2014.

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