Facing “Red Supply Chain” ...We can’t be slow

kuang yuang machinery

The government and enterprises have taken into actions. It’s benefits to invest smart machine through the new policy of government industry development, with cross fields cooperation, personnel training, and R&D cooperation. In the private sector, the domestic technology companies have also made good achievements, such as HIWIN, Delta, Advantech and other intelligent automation of domestic technology companies. With improving technology in Taiwan, it will support Taiwan woodworking machinery industry to enter smart machinery industry.

Under the trend of IoT, few young people have willing to enter tradition, labor intensive industry. Moreover, the wage in China and Southeast has been increasing. The pressure push manufacturers to import intelligent automation equipment. On the other hand, the 2nd and 3rd generations have more world view and empathy, which allow them to accept new ideas and knowledge to import in R&D and staff treatment. The world will not reduce wood demand due to the rise of green awareness. Wood structure and wood building materials are still the future of living. These are all opportunities for woodworking machine manufacturers.

Looking around the status of global woodworking machinery production environment, there still exist big threat to Taiwan's industry. Joy Chang, the general manager of Kuang Yung Machinery, pointed out the rise of China machinery industry and its strong domestic market, which bring convenience in the development of new products. It bring more advantages than Taiwan to import smart automation production.