Kuang Yung: Smart Technology in Taiwan Woodworking Machinery

Global industrial environment have changed. Robots, unmanned vehicles, Big Data, Internet of Things technology are changing the world. International leaders in woodworking machinery manufacturing industry have moved towards to the trend of intelligence. Under the impact from modern technology, where Taiwan's woodworking machinery industry can go from here?

At the speech in "Wing 2017 Strategic Forum", Joe Chang, the general manager of Kuang Yung machinery and the standing director of Taiwan Woodworking Machinery Industry Association, indicated that business owners should grasp existing advantages of Taiwan's industry, using development of IoT, cloud and Big Data, and strategic alliance to overcome their own shortages. So that Taiwan's woodworking machinery can quickly move from tradition to intelligence.

Learn from Northern Europe, Speed up the Strategic Alliance

Chang displayed a video to show how world's advanced woodworking machine works. There is almost no workers in workplace. Robots automatically process the production smoothly. Logs are classified, cut, and sawed into a status which is available to be packed or sold, making a substantial increase in corporate profits.

Chang took “optimizing cut off machine system” as example. Optimizing cut off machine has replaced traditional way to prepare materials. It includes “Optimizing cut-off saw” and “optimizing gang rip saw”. From the video it showed how smart machine scan, feed, control, cut, and discharge. Scanner finds detects of wood, then processing optimizing analysis through software, and sending the signal to the feeding side. Signals pass through the control system to command machines, starting cutting action, and sending message again to discharge side to control the following actions. These fully-automated smart woodworking machines shorten wood processing time, increasing yield, and improving 11% of business profitability.

The key point of optimizing cut off machine is “Scanner”. Chang used the WoodEye, the world’s leader of European wood scanner system, to explain how to read the “natural detections”, “detection of drywood”, “processed detection”. Chang said himself is building strategic alliance with WoodEye, expecting to step forward to the smart production.

IoT and Big Data, Bring New Life to Taiwan Woodworking Machinery

The so-called "Cyber-Physical-Production System" (CPPS), Chang said, need to have the following conditions: 1. Instant processing functions. 2. Communication and Interaction based on the sensors of product characteristics and process equipment.  3. Able to flexibly adjust program based on different requirements, making the production process to be adjusted immediately. 4. Avoid shutdown due to the change of processes or the damages of mechanical parts. 5. Improve the overall equipment optimization to implement small-volume, large-variety production, increasing production efficiency. 6. Extend functions and values of smart machines by the use of "IoT", "cloud", "Big Data".

He said, "The scope CPPS can even extend to "pre-forecasting of simulated production "," risk management for detecting machine failures "," convenience of after-sales service "," Research and development of the reference basis, " “smart production line" and "smart factory".

Does Taiwan have the conditions to develop smart woodworking machinery industry? Joe Chang said companies have to realize themselves and competitors to find niche market, using strategic alliance to overcome weaknesses. A more important consideration is personnel training. Industry need to rely on different innovation, technical inheritance from  new generation, creating new business opportunities.

Use S.W.O.T to analyze Taiwan woodworking machinery industry, Chang indicated, Taiwan machines are highly cost-effective, which has built renowned reputation in the world. Also, enterprises has solid customer management system, building long-term client relationship. Moreover, new generations have arisen to take over the business, showing great ambition toward the next level. In the past, Taiwan woodworking machinery industry have built consolidate supply system. With flexibility of middle to small size enterprises, customized production is available and effective. These are the advantages that accumulated for decades from Taiwan machinery enterprises..

However, with small business scale, insufficient funds, difficulties in R&D and recruit, small size domestic market,  high learning cost in new machine development, outsourcing system in most operation section, it’s hard to train personnel, accumulate experience and perform acknowledge management.