Job Matching Forum for Taiwan Furniture Industry in 2018

A job matching forum for Taiwan furniture industry was held on May 28, 2018
Over 37 years, “YOUNG DESIGNER’S EXHIBITION” has been the earliest and the most important platform for Taiwanese design students to demonstrate their innovation capability and design skills. 64 schools with 137 departments have joined the show this year. The renowned design event has attracted various people, including international visitors seeking for new ideas or business opportunities.

During the event, a job matching forum for furniture industry had been founded by Taiwan Good Design Association and Taiwan Furniture Manufacturers’ Association (TFMA). Design students looking for ideal job opportunities gathers at the forum, actively presenting their design objects with confidence. On the other hand, the organizer invited Camo Lin, CD of Drii Design, COO of HYM Originals, and Angle Lin, founder of Angle Teaching Marketing to share practical experience of cross-field design and marketing.

Unite Taiwanese Strength for Global Competitiveness

Chang-Hsiu Chen, chairman of TFMA, said that 97.7% of Taiwanese companies are small and medium-sized enterprises. Located at various locations, many of these small business focus on their niche markets and have made great achievements. However, without alliance strategy, it’s hard to have greater opportunities for growth.


Different geographic areas have different development. In 90’s, many of Taiwanese enterprises moved to China and other countries, especially in furniture industry. For those who stayed in Taiwan absorbed new factors and had generated new business models. In China, most of the companies are still used to operating OEM business. However, after 20 years, these OEM business are transferring to Vietnam. That’s why today Vietnam is the largest Taiwanese furniture industry cluster. Chen said every business model has its’ value, but the key is to do what you want to do, and to do what you can do.

Chen admires Taiwan design capability. At YOUNG DESIGNER’S EXHIBITION, visitors can see nearly 5,000 design objects from Taiwan students, including fields in industrial product design, crafts, packaging, digital, space, fashion.

Be Experts Before Expanding Business

Taiwan Good Design Association has been organized YOUNG DESIGNER’S EXHIBITION for 18 years, Chung- Ming Yu said. The event has exhibited numerous well-designed objects, and matched candidates to jobs. The matching forum is a great platform for both students and enterprises. There are many hidden champions in Taiwan, even though they were not reported by media. These successful enterprises focus on their particular areas and have made great achievements. In China, enterprises believe in enlarging business scale first. In contrast, Taiwanese prefers to involving in a great deal of knowledge and skill before expanding their business.
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