Getting to know Pacific Coast Alder again

As one of the main materials of solid wood furniture, Pacific Coast Alder (also named Western Alder, Red alder) has many attractive properties: It has an appealing appearance, is sustainable and has a high price/performance radio. Alder furniture, with a soft and lustrous surface, gives the room elegance and warmth.

Beneficial in many forms

Alder grows in the Northwestern part of the USA on cool and moist slopes mostly along the margins of watercourses and wetlands. Alder trees offer a big advantage for the forests in which they grow, as pioneer species, by improving soil fertility for future growth of other plants. Through their nitrogen-fixing root nodules, Alder offers nutrients to the soil to supply neighboring plants. It is holistically recyclable - the wood is processed in to furniture and the bark as mulch and recycled sawdust is used to smoke salmon. It also has traditional medicine properties that not only Native Americans used to treat skin irritations, but recent clinical studies also have verified the compounds of Alder as effective against tumors.


Alder is suitable for further processing in the production of furniture. It is easy to work with nails, screws and glue and can be easily sanded, stained and coated. As a main solid wood furniture species, Alder is an excellent choice for even the most complex machining, gluing and finishing with a fine homogeneous grain structure and light uniform color. There is little color variation between the heartwood and sapwood. It's closed grain has natural consistency, and is similar to maple, cherry and birch. When compared with other species such as Walnut or Oak, Alder is very versatile and predictable. Its warm look can fit seamlessly into various spatial concepts. Whether for modern, classic furniture or in combination with materials such as glass, leather and metal, Alder can easily blend in any spaces and match all kinds of species: Beech flooring, Walnut beds or White Oak window frames. Alder can be easily dressed up to any finish or left natural to show its honey-like tone. This versatility ensures Alder's popularity to grow among fine furniture and cabinet markers worldwide.

Complete supply chain

Alder is the most abundant Western hardwood and is a prolific, fast-growing species that can provide saw timber size tree in 25 to 30 years and now becoming one of the popular hardwood alternatives as it is more economically priced when compared to other species. Besides the high performance-price ratio, the lumber supplier Northwest Hardwoods develops various grades to fit the needs of furniture makers. For example, Northwest Hardwoods separate the mid-grade into "Cabinet" and "Custom Shop", grade after drying and surfacing, furniture maker can choose depending their final application.

Northwest Hardwoods and its reliable partner - Daiichi (Qingdao CX JOY Hardwoods), a top professional producer of edge-glued panels - make a strong supplier chain. Daiichi adopt world-leading advanced optimized cutting system. Daiichi's service is appreciated by high-end furniture producers in Germany, Italy, UK, Japan and United States. As a partner for solid wood furniture industry, through offering the wide product types includes solid edge-glued panels, finger-jointed edge-glued panels, fixed-length cut stocks and multi-layer glued panels in Pacific Coast Alder, American White Oak and Walnut, the furniture maker can get the cut-to-size and just-in-time service and quality assurance from Daiichi.

Sustainable management

In addition to its benefits, versatility and complete supply chain, Alder is a sustainable resource that meets the highest standards of ethical sourcing and sustainability in forest products. Northwest Hardwoods and Daiichi have both achieved Programme for the Endorsement of forest Certification (PEFC) Chain-of-Custody Certification.

Everything you want in a hardwood

As an environmentally friendly wood, in addition to benefits and versatility, Alder is also an abundant and affordable choice. Through the complete supply chain, solid wood furniture makers can easily get consistent, reliable and high quality Alder lumber and edge-glued panels. Alder is everything you want in a hardwood, perfectly suited to the needs of furniture industry.
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