The Historical Vein of Western Modern Furniture

The second industrial revolution beginning in 1870 made furniture which had been made by craftsmen was produced in industrialized mode, in the meanwhile new technology expedited the birth of modernism. But, the modernism was not smooth established with the hard exploration by arts and crafts movement, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and other designers, the modernism is finally introduced into the design of architecture and furniture by Bauhaus. After the second world war, western modern furniture had been matured both in design and productive technology and experienced the evolution from the reconstruction and rationalism, the ascendancy of organic design, Pop culture and anti-design, conformist, reformist or contesting and the eclectic years. By 1990's, the eastern and western furniture design began to be melting into and the western modern furniture exhibited more than ever the characteristic of globalization. 
Keywords: Western, Modern, Furniture, the Historical Vein
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