Office Desk with Fish Aquariums

Preface The Taiwanese are among the hardest working people of the world in terms of working hours. On average, more than half of their daily lives are spent on the job. Job related stress is continuing to rise, which is having marked effects on their health and quality of life. Excessive pressure causes anxiety which often leads to depressive disorders and in serious cases, suicide. In recent years the suicide rate has accelerated, ranking among the top ten causes of death globally. Depression, cancer and AIDS are now depicted by the World Health Organization as the three most serious diseases on the planet. For a large part of the populace, raising pets is part of daily life. Clinical studies show that for victims of depression, pets provide both physiological and psychological benefits. Pets help to raise the quality of life and reduce stress. Research reveals tangible effects from raising pets in cases of depression. For example, physiologically, when stroking or talking to a pet, remarkable reductions in blood pressure occur which aids in relaxation.

In studies of Alzheimer's victims, contact with puppies can stimulate diverse feelings, thereby helping to improve social skills. Self awareness, life satisfaction, mood stability, sociability, personal hygiene, social skills and general awareness are among the many areas that show obvious degrees of improvement. For sick people, pets can bring motivation, stimulate exercise, break through feelings of indifference, bring about laughter and even act as a catalyst for interpersonal communication. While pets bring relief from pressure and help heighten morale for the modern human being, they also pose some inconveniences. Many building stipulations forbid the presence of pets, especially in apartment buildings where living quarters are tight, or office high rises where it is inappropriate to bring them to work. These designs aim to alleviate stress in environments where space is limited, by incorporating fish aquariums into office desks. They are particularly suitable for use in small offices and home offices which are constantly growing in numbers. In work environments where employees are restricted from going outside for extended periods of time, these designs offer excellent stress reduction results.
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