2012 The 4th Nationwide HDG Furniture Design Newcomer Award

2012 The Fourth Nationwide HDG Furniture Design Newcomer Award Competition was held on May 20, 2012. When the three professors and experts on-site completed their assessments and interviewed the contestants, the results were officially released.

Gold Award - N/A
Silver - M-chair
Bronze - Bamboo Weaving Chair
Honorable mention- Tanciu / Blind Side / Lücker / Origin / Seasonal Wardrobe / Close ‧Reliable
Judges: Zhaoguo Zong, Hu Youzong and Chen Renshou

Sponsored and co-organized by the HDG Foundation and interwood magazine, April 27th was the registration deadline for the Fourth Nationwide HDG Furniture Design Newcomer Award Competition. A total of 29 pieces were submitted by contestants from 7 universities. HDG carefully selected experts and professors to serve as judges, and after more than three hours total 13 finalists from 6 universities were selected.

Four years ago, HDG decided to emulate a woodworking competition held in Denmark, and held its own competition alongside the annual New Designers Exhibition in Taipei. HDG established a fully equipped workshop for students majoring in furniture design to learn the skills of traditional woodworking in 2006.

Due to advancements in technology, international trends, and readily accessible knowledge and information, creativity from around the world can be seen via different forms of media. This visual stimulation brings unlimited heights to human creativity. Whether one may refer to the origins of culture or history, or jump beyond into the future, the tentacles of Human creativity may be extended in all directions, lending unlimited possibilities for creative design. Taiwan's new generation of creative designers is no exception.

At this year's edition of the competition, the judges marveled at how the students' creations are gradually embodying new heights of aesthetic beauty. Many clever and creative ideas amazed the judges with knowing smiles. One couldn't help but notice that the entries at this year's competition not only exhibited advancements in the students' sense of design and beauty, they tended to integrate a combination of functionality, culture and commercial viability. Not only do the works indicate higher levels of technical skill; they seem to push the boundaries of geometrical limits. The works were not limited to wood alone; they incorporated a variety of interesting materials. These pieces are not just innovative; they also call out to tradition. The pieces are not just furniture; they bring new applications to the usage of space. Indeed, Taiwanese creativity has gradually integrated many elements of traditional culture. Through these works one can see the creative ingenuity that expresses characteristics of Taiwan. But in terms of my personal humble opinion, Taiwanese design still seems to lack something intangible. It's a sort of macrocosmic vision and way of thinking, a sort of boldness that may bring more integrity to Taiwanese creativity. It very well could be that competitions of this nature will help spur Taiwanese creativity to new realms. For those of you wondering why the judges have yet to issue the gold medal award, the reason is harsh. They have yet to feel that levels of creativity warrant such an honor just yet.

Please follow the link below for an example of what kind of creation would merit the gold medal award. Http://www.flickr.com/photos/archdis/collections/72157623683405882/ More professional reviews of the winning entries are available to Nationwide ranks websites: http://www.hdg.tosaint.com/entry/5-153

report/photos by Wan-ting Liao
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