Wellwood Møbler Gallery - Testament to the Inaugural Exhibition of PP Møbler in Taiwan

** Genesis - Origination of Eco & Living Art

The E-invitation to this event depicts respect for the environment. On a warm summer morning as one approaches the Wellwood Møbler Gallery, they discover that it lies the heart of place steeped in a subtle but extraordinary space. With the persistence of Professor Lin Tong-Yang from the HDG foundation and Mr. Lin Te-Hsiung's assistance as the founder, the establishment of the Wellwood Møbler Gallery occurred on July 15th, 2010 in an aesthetic space far away from the crowds. With a massive display window at the elegant entrance, the design of the edifice blends the interior with the outdoors in a delightful way. The walls which are constructed of China Fir express a profound love for both the forest and PP Møbler furniture. Designed with simplicity as well as environmentally friendly production and minimal carbon output, the furniture is skillfully built with precise methods of joinery. At the same time, the wood employed is from replenishable forestry suppliers. One can breathe in the natural fragrance of the wood, and echoing through the gallery is a feeling of affection for both this furniture, and the natural resource from which it comes.

** The Seed - Sustainable Development of Craft Work Premiers in Taiwan

The greatest classic piece from Danish woodworking master Hans J. Wegner, "The Chair" commands a strong presence in the gallery. Enshrined in 16 of the most esteemed museums around the world, the elegance of this treasure invariably pulls the viewer towards it. One would never consider how much the act of “sitting” is so widely taken for granted. With no unnecessary ornamentation, PP Møbler furniture represents utter respect for the wood that it uses. Its wood is sourced from sustainable forests in Denmark and Germany, and the company combines technical skill, creativity and craftsmanship in its production of aesthetically pleasing and functional home furnishings. With smooth and flowing lines, the aesthetics of the furniture are presented in a glorious way. Designed with refined angles for sitting, one has to personally sit on the chair to get a sense for how this classic craftsmanship harnesses nature.

** To Root EESC, the Endeavors of Wellwood Møbler Gallery and PP Møbler

Feature the Perfect Combination "Anything great can be accomplished with the right intention." PP Møbler has been committed to the building of furniture with completely natural materials since 1953. The company strives to create designs that have a relationship with the user that may be used for decades and even centuries. In this way, by not having to reproduce the same piece again, resources are saved and less pollution is emitted. At the core of the Wellwood Møbler Gallery are prioritized the virtues " Education of craft art, Environmental respect, Society innovation, and Company sustainability". The gallery's two partners insist on this spirit, to promote a sense of burdon-free responsibility in modern life.

** The Initial Stage - Craft Art and Design Grow as One

Linkou is located a comfortable distance from the metropolis of Taipei City, and is the first place that PP Møbler planted a seed to flourish. What one sees are hand made creations that machinery cannot make; what one feels is the vitality of western solid wood craftsmanship; what one believes is that through respect of the environment we can better appreciate the life within the craft and the spirit within each piece. As decent as right where it belongs, and to the solely fragrance one's virtue exudes.
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