Chaiwood: Handmade Leather Stool


Taiwan-based designer Chen-Hao Hsu, founder of Chaiwood, has knit wood stool together by leather and named it “Family Stools”. Spoken in Taiwanese, “Family Stools” sounds like the meaning in “Wait here”, inferring the stools are like family, who would wait for you at home, no matter how time passes.

Combing knitting technique, leather are knit onto seat and the legs of stools. Wood and leather are natural and ancient materials, according to the designer, soft leather reflect the texture of wood, and together they gives warm and comfortable atmosphere. Hsu likes to test multiple materials combination. “Family Stools” is one of the most attractive collections.


“Family Stools” earned concept design gold arward of uDesign Design Award in 2016. At the same year in October, Chaiwood was invited to attend 100 Creators Exhibition in Tokyo Designer Week.

Designer Chen-Hao Hsu was actually graduated from Hawaii Pacific University, majoring in business adninistration. With interest in woodworking crafts, Hsu moved into Taichung city to learn skills. Today, as the founder of Chiawood, Hsu is also an assistant in National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute (NTCRI), providing techniques support for members in woodworking workshop.

Though crafts market in Taiwan is smaller compared with Japan or European countries. Development in Taiwan is relatively earlier than most of the countries in Asia. In recent years people from Singapore and Hong Kong would come to Taiwan to learn different kinds of crafts. Also, with more select shops held in Taiwan recently; We can expect crafts market will keep expanding in the future.
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