The HDG Furniture Award

HDG is an academy in Taiwan dedicated to the teaching of traditional woodworking. Founded by Professor Lin Tong Yang, the academy holds an annual competition for furniture design, of which its own students and anyone else is welcome to participate in. This year was the second such event, which was held at YODEX (Young Designers' Exhibition).

95,000 people from around the world came to get a look at what young designers are coming out with in fashion design, industrial design, communication design, and interior design. It was the perfect venue. The judges' decisions finally came down on the 21st of May after a long struggle, to name the winners of the HDG Furniture Award Competition. Although the expected number of entries did not make it this year, 4 universities and HDG displayed with pride the creations of their students. Traditional craftsmanship tends to wane in the shadow of modern industry, but recent years are seeing a comeback.

Overseeing the development of woodworking skills born of sheer passion, Professor Lin beamed, "In order to climb a ladder, one has to start with the first rung." This year the judges' intent was to encourage the aspirations of the participants. Hence, they opted not to grant the Golden Medal Award. The Silver Medal went to a special chair entered by the National University of Arts / Crafts and Design Department, named the "Cobble". Its main feature is a back which slides up from flush with its seat, on rods hidden within the rear two legs. Ming Chi University of Technology / Department of Industrial Design entered a 3 piece two person dining table set entitled "H. INFINITE". An elegant combination of solid wood and stainless steel, this earned the Bronze Medal for its practical space saving footprint. Honorable Mention went to two others, one an innovative approach to book storage called the "Book Cave", and another to an exotic partition called "Weaving Bamboo". The main requirements of the competition call for at least 50% of material used to be wood.

Photos of all entries may be viewed at blog:
interwood was also a co-organizer of the event, which is certain to yield even more innovation from the young furniture designers of Taiwan next year.
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