Woodworking Machinery Vocational Training Should Start From High School

"Vocational training program should be started from alliance of industry, high school and government." said Michael Chang, the president of Leadermac and TWMA.
Source / Interwood Magazine

Taichung City has became one main driver of Taiwan economic engine. Industrial growth is 16.5%, service industry growth reaches 33.7%. The performance also attracted Mitsui Fudosan, a major real estate developer in Japan, and Yaskawa Electric Corporation, Japanese manufacturer of servos, motion controllers, AC motor drives, switches and industrial robots, invested. And there also shows more job opportunities in Taichung City, which is a good sign for Taiwan economic.

Based on the statistics, the top three regions, as the contributors of Taiwan machinery industry, all located in Taichung City, which are Dajia, Dali, and Shengang District. In 2017, the total output value of machinery industry in Taiwan is worthed 1.1 trillion NT Dollars, while Taichung contributed 33.5% of total value, containing woodworking machinery industry. Therefore, there has high expectation placed on Taichung City, and, also, that’s the reason why today we have to discuss talented employees in our industries. Every years there are more than 9,000 graduates at colleges of engineering. By removing whom at architecture, civil engineering, hydraulic engineering, most of graduates will be employed at electronic, photovoltaic, control panel industries, or other big machinery companies. And then, the other smaller industries, including woodworking machinery, take the rest.

Under the circumstances, Michael Chang suggested enterprises can cooperate with high schools with technology and engineering, and governments. Students can be trained at enterprises during their semesters, and be employed after they graduated. There is an example from Homag Group; One of their global product managers has been working in Homag since 16. After 8 years, though only 23,  he is able to negotiate and bargain with customers. Taichung City Government is actively working on perform the same education environment in Germany.
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