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Founded in 2001, US Floors has become renowned in the flooring industry for its innovative products as the leading supplier of Unique and Sustainable Floors, Ms. Rachel Dossche explain the name “U” which means Unique and “S “which means Sustainable. In 2015, USFloors got patent which entitled “Engineered Waterproof Plastic Composite Flooring and Wall Covering Planks,” which is derived from USFloors’ original COREtec product. This patent expands the claim coverage to include any plastic composite core, regardless of whether if contains wood dust or other additives and fillers. Coretec offers a solution to the flooring industry – it takes the rigidness of laminate and combines it with the waterproof capabilities of LVT - all while giving comfort beneath your feet and creating an environment with class. It is an extremely versatile product that can be used in virtually any environment with little to no surface preparation needed. As the leader in the WPC market, US Floors has pioneered and engineered a fool-proof product; our superior décors and designs go hand in hand with the core technology to make it the best in the market. 

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US floors opens offices in Shanghai in 2013, Ms. Rachel Dossche said there are 19 people in the office. the Shanghai office offer three service , improved quality control, faster logistics resulting in better service and better understanding of the market with greater access to sourcing new products and technology. We can say it is the Asia center, not only for China market, but other countries, such as Taiwan , Korea, India, etc. Because we are located here, it is easier for us to communicate, educate, offer our service to our customers. Ms. Rachel Dossche explained. This is also the reason why USFloors attends DOMOTEX, Ms.Rachel Dossche Said this is the second year they attended the show, and since our interview is the second day of the show, they got many repeat customers and many new buyers here, from European, Argentina, etc. For US Floors wants to make the brand big & international, that is the reason we are here, to be seen, to be know as the best flooring products in the world.

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