Build Brand Culture, Integrate Marketing Mode - Franz Collection CEO Mr. Chen


What is your business culture?

People without principles or main ideas can’t explain well what they were doing. They are ambiguous on things. Would you let this type of people be your sales or designers? Is that too dangerous for companies?

So we found that the difficulties of running business is resulted from unclear definitions of our business.

What is definition exactly? Even though we did, or said, many things to employees, often they still don’t understand what they should do. That is because we were not making definitions for them. The meaning of definition is simple, which is “Clear and short, right to the point.” When we met our clients, do we have confidence to get orders in 30 minutes? This is the challenge we should face, and that is main point. Furthermore, can we tell our client like : “Mr. Chen, thank you for giving 30 minutes for us, but we only need 3 minutes. “ If we can’t convince clients in 3 minutes, the left time are meaningless. Every buyers actually doesn’t want to want to waste too much time on listening. 

Build Guiding Principles of Behavior

Get buyers is similar to going after girls. You should know their preferences, and get into details to seize their hearts. Running business is like being a person, which is also similar to branding. We have to express our knowledge and sincerity, that’s why we need to be prepared. Business culture is people who sharing the same values. If employees don’t have the same values, visions, missions, how do you manage this company? So manager must develop business culture. You could say sincerity is our culture, but simply saying doesn’t mean anything. We have to give explicit explanation, which is building “Guiding principles of behaviors” to employees. This is the philosophy of companies.

Thus, if we are hiring designers, in addition to understand their skills, we should realize their ethical values. We can get the answer by providing opening questions through interview. For instance, “If you are completely penniless, and you must get to Taitung County from Taipei City, how would you do?” You would get various answers from applicants, but the best answer you would like to hear is about giving and taking, or your would need to take care of the employees forever. 

Entrepreneur and Business man

One time when I was invited to judge at an entrepreneur seminar. The event invited an foreign judge, however the copies of reviews all printed in Chinese. I asked the foreiger in curiosity: “Do you understand the words on these papers?”, “Mostly” he replied. Then I asked “Today we have to select entrepreneurs, not businessmen. Can you tell me the difference between them?”. He responded to me in Chinese, “Businessman is about earning money, while entrepreneur have missions and visions.”  

There is another story. A famous global company asked us to produce a special part for their products, and they placed 100 millions NT dollars as the first order. I asked them to place our logo on their product, but they rejected. So I refuse to accept the order, because we are branding company, not OEM factory anymore. If I accepted, I would only be a businessman. In Chinese, the spelling of the word “entrepreneur” contain the meaning of “home”, which means we have to care, love, and share. And it is our mission to fulfill people’s life.

Definition + Designer, Tutor, Cheerleading Captain

Denis Waitley said a leader must have some capacities, one of them is make definitions. That’s why I talk definition first today. And a leader must play three roles. The first is designer, as a leader have to solve problems. If we were not on the “train”, it’s hard to avoid difficulties. But are they really difficulties? Aren’t we solving problems for clients in order to gain money? If no one has problem, how do we get money? So facing problems is our daily life of business. Good entrepreneurs even care and share after solving problems.

The other two roles are tutor and cheerleading captain. If leaders can’t design their own business culture, organization, system, they can’t become true leader. After designer, leaders wait for questions from employees. If no questions, leaders would become cheerleader to inspire employees.

Examine our Advantages

If our companies can decide the values, making things clear. I think it would not be too hard to success. Fortunately, Franz Collection sell products to 66 countries within 16 years. Today we have over 5,000 stores around the world. And we have branches in Germany Japan. We also have agents in every country. But we actually are not so ideal, because our industry is not on the “train”. There is a method to check whether your company will have good future. The first is to check if your company is among the right industry. Today, “train” is about green technique or products, AI, Big Data, cloud or healthcare.

The second checkpoint is “technique”. We have to know if our technique is better than competitors. To have a competitive company, we need to have the following definitions: “technique as backing force; arts and humanities as goals; market as orientation; innovation as the core.” Moreover, with the value chain created from manufacturing, marketing, and service, competitive companies will be built.

The third checkpoint is “team”. Do we have a team sharing the same values? Building a team require leaders to take care of their family, and arrange a path for them, making them believe it is their path for their future. If you don’t have a team, it would be tough to stay in the competition.

After three “T” is “Finance”. If we need to develop brand, four things should be considered: “source of finance”, “source of relationship”, “source of innovation”, and “value chain”. If we did not have enough finance, our invested products might be canceled; If we did not have teams, it would be hard to do global marketing.


Use the right attitude to face changing market

The world is changing to fast to be anticipated, often we heard competitors from different industries replacing existing companies. Department stores couldn’t foresee they would be replaced by Amazon. Sometime we might lose even we have better technique. So we need to let go, with correct attitude for face the market. It would be tough if we want to win every time. Branding is a process with numerous challenges, but the most important thing is: We can’t change our definitions.

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