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Over 20 years, furniture industry in Vietnam has developed its scale which attracting attention from related industries around the world. Taiwan woodworking machinery had taken 27.52% of the total woodworking machinery import value in Vietnam. Plus United States had imposed anti-dumping duty to China. Market in Vietnam is expected to expanding in the future.



Vietnam market is a popular topic in woodworking machinery industry. Based on the trend, this year in January,  Taiwan Woodworking Machinery Association (TWMA) had interviewed major furniture association in Vietnam. What do you think about current Vietnam woodworking machinery market? 


I think the Vietnam woodworking machinery market is developing fast in this time, the wooden manufacture get a lot order from USA. EU…so they also need buy more machine to producing their products.



woodworking machinery manufacturers from main exports countries are trying to enter Vietnam market. What do you think of the position of Taiwan woodworking machines? What are their advantages? How do they win the competition?


The woodworking machinery manufacturers exporters from China, Euro enter Vietnam market not small from 2015-2016 year. The Taiwan woodworking machines still have good position in Vietnam market, their advantages are good quality and service but the price of almost machine still very high with China machine and price similar with European machines. I think they can keep this machine price and update more technology, or down price a little with some type machines, time delivery more quickly. This year (2017) the wooden manufacturers almost want to buy machine high technology and capacity, but the price of machine need don't increasing so many.



Based on your experience, what's the difference between Vietnam and other Southeast Asian nations?


Vietnam is one country with over 100 million people so that find the worker more simple, Besides that the salary for worker also low with other country in Southeast Asia, the wooden material source also abundant.



Local furniture assocation, for instance HAWA and BIFA, mentioned that Taiwan woodworking machinery manufacturers were lack of brand recognition. What's your opinion upon their perspectives? Is there any strategies to improve this problem?


I don't think so, I think almost Taiwan woodworking machinery manufacturers have good Brand recognition in Vietnam as : Goodtek, Yowcherng, Excellent, Shenko, Taichan…Almost factory in Vietnam have these machine and the use said it's good machine, easy using and enduring. The brands still weak I think need try promote machines by the Agency in Vietnam.



Continued on Q4. Representatives from Vietnam furniture association to build training platforms, for set office in Vietnam, to train furniture manufacturers operating machines and improve safety and problem solving issue. Some representatives said China machine manufacturers' service are even better than service of Taiwan. 

What's your opinion on this topic?


The woodworking machine from China development quickly and the quality also more better now but the price of them really cheap, example : one machine from China have quality about 70-80% with Taiwan machine but their price just 50-60% with Taiwan machines. The service of manufactures from China as about 50-60% with Taiwan, some manufactures from China have service the same Taiwan manufacture, I think have not China machine manufacturers have service better service of Taiwan.



Can you share your vision of your company in the future?


Now we trying become the best agency/supplier wood machines in Vietnam, we always try to give the customer best choice machine for them, provide high capacity and technology machines for customer with best service.

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