Permanent Magnet Brushless Servo Motor “CASH MOTOR”



Permanent brushless synchronous motor equipped with the latest FOC(field-oriented control) vector control, excellent performance, steady state, and high control accuracy, can be used for high requirements of the occasion.

Instead of the VVVF variable frequency speed control tuning estimated curve, FOC accurately achieved ultra-energy efficiency industry applications to comply with “GREENERGY” industry application. As the example of 1.5kw servo motor, squirrel cage motors need 200 kWh per month to apply.   

Squirrel cage or Asynchronous motor starting torque and maximum torque are limited which need to select a larger capacity to meet the requirements. However, the efficiency of power factor of PMSM is low during the normal and light loading operation (dwg.1).  The starting torque of permanent magnet synchronous motor is only up to twice than the rated torque due to the existence of the rotor magnetic field and meet the load requirements of starting load. This advantage of performance is not only in the rated amperage improved, but also in low load and low speed conditions of efficiency. (Dwg.1 & 2)


Permanent magnet synchronous motor uses the permanent magnet instead of the electric excitation, the rotor without winding, without excitation loss, rotor copper consumption, and rotor iron consumption which are increased 3% -15% of efficiency than asynchronous motors. For example, using FOC synchronous motor only 2% of rated current without load compares with using squirrel cage motor of 40% -50%rated current without load.

Since there is no loss or current waste, according to the law of conservation of mass, all energy loss will be converted into the form of heat, and the resulting of electrical damage is one of the most important reasons. The lower the temperature, the lesser chance of electric damages.

For the operation and installation, the asynchronous motor with the inverter to be loaded with the encoder compared to the FOC synchronous motor without sensor or encoding device, can be regarded as a revolution of servo drive which eliminate the debug or low-speed compensation of encoders.

FOC Servo drive with CPU built-in, the latest coordinate vector conversion current feedback capability to 14 thousand times per second, providing the most appropriate motor torque, current and speed.

Servo Drive with vector control algorithm and w/o encoder which could eliminate the cost of encoders, save the maintenance costs and initial adaption costs of encoders with high failure rate.

Ultra-efficiency operation current of FOC could be increased by 10%, thus reducing the temperature rise of the motor, during the full load condition for a long duration under rated current operation and requires only 10% more start-up current than traditional squirrel cage motors which are up to ten times the rated current of the starting current, so it is more suitable for use in frequently and long duration working conditions.

The motor started with full torque output can provide full rated torque at start-up especially suitable for industry applications.

With the Iindustrie 4.0 approached and the production of automation and uninterrupted happened, the demand of fast maintenance and remote monitoring is more and more huge.

In recently, the reality among internet of things sprouted, INDUSTRIE 4.0 features built-in WiFi online monitoring module (optional) should upload the status of the motor online to the server and provide remote monitoring of user operating conditions.

The use of the error can be used to eliminate customer problems online, and recorded usage records. Customers can get the situation feedbacks, if there is abnormal use; we could inform the customer in advance to improve or replace the relevant components soon expired, such as relays and so on.

In addition, mobile phone or app online monitoring module(optional), which providing by customized mobile phone app or app could be connected to a 24-hour network monitoring and remote customer usage of troubleshooting, and have greatly reduced the cost of product maintenance and timeliness.

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