Interview with Mr. Sebastian Chang, General Manager of Woodwise Co.

In an interview during the show with Woodwise Technology Co., Ltd., General manager Sebastian Chang introduced and demonstrated their new drilling machine. We asked him to share his recent experience of the market.
Since Woodwise launched their first drilling machine, they have spent many years developing further multi-axis drilling technology for new applications. The new CNC horizontal drilling machine model BM110 was designed to support ten vertical drills, four horizontal drills and a grooving saw, four horizontal drills and a built-in saws set for grooving. It is available with optional 6KW spindle shapers to process irregular shapes.
Unlike other processing methods that drill up from underneath, the BM110 processes parts in the erect position with forward horizontal machining moving back, forth and around. This dramatically reduces the machine footprint, which measures just 4.8 square meter. It is ideal for small plants or shops. In particular, it is designed with a user friendly graphical input method, interactive input functions can be set easily and inexperienced operators can achieve professional results.
Mr. Chang also mentioned that he is satisfied with the effectiveness of the current Beijing Exhibition. WMF is an international exhibition, visited by both local and foreign buyers. he felt that the quality of buyers has been considerably high. He did mention that the issue of taxes in the Chinese market is a challenge, and that the cost of production there is rising. The price advantage of Taiwan's machinery is relatively weak, but Taiwan's machinery is still competitive in terms of quality. He stressed that Taiwanese manufacturers should continue their pursuit of quality and technological advancement. China has a strong cluster system, and many of the world's major companies have set up factories there. The Chinese are in direct contact with some of the world's top quality products and technical information. This presents potential for them to eventually surpass the level of quality Taiwan produces, which is a problem that must be addressed. Mr. Chang also mentioned that he is optimistic to see recently that the U.S. market has been showing significant growth.

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