BOARKE: Actively expand the market, the company continues to promote awareness

Boark Machine Co., Ltd. has launched a new CNC machine center at its India Wood stall (Hall2 UL 102). Company president, Mr. Bill Hung, who is also a TWMA consultant, said he has sold woodworking machinery to India for twenty years.
In the beginning they only sold a few machines, but after 3 to 4 years sales started to grow. Boark has attended every edition of IndiaWood since the first one was held sixteen years ago. The company makes a point not to miss out on a single exhibition.
As for the market in India during recent years, Bill said it has not been very not good, and with the exchange rate at 60 Rs to the US dollar, importing has not been very feasible. However, since the Indian market has not been very good, although his company has seen a slight decrease in sales of its sanding machine series, BOARK's CNC machine centers and the whole plant production lines have been selling more. this means that for BOARK, total sales in India are increasing. 
Bill also shared his tactics in the Indian market. His analysis of the proportion of his own sales against his Indian dealers is 6:4, meaning that over fifty percent of machines are sold by himself. And he said this is for three reasons: One is that end users are on very tight budgets; they do not want to pay dealer profit margins. Second, the dealers in India are not professional enough to sell woodworking machines and offer the best after sales service. Third, dealers always sell many brands and series, so they don't focus their efforts on specific company imports.  Therefore, bill takes the initiative instead of being passive.  He attends the shows and buys media advertisement in effort to utilize every possibility to make BOARK more popular.  He introduces his products and shows BOARK technology in person. Bill said, “If you want results, you have to invest. Not only in marketing, but a strong service system... it's all about the money. ”    
As far as competition from china in the Indian market, Bill illustrated that now that the global market is open, no one can obstruct any country or company from getting into any market. "The thing to do is make ourselves bigger and more popular, upgrade our products and offer the excellent quality with inexpensive prices." In terms of quality he indicated constant mechanical upgrades, new functionality and technology are what satisfy the customers.  Machines are not good because the manufacturer says they are, they are only good if the consumers agree. Using the Apple cell phone for example, the improvements between iphone4 to iphone 5 should offer new value to meet new needs without costing much more. In this way the product would be better accepted in the market and the company would see better results.  He emphasized that it is vital to understand the needs of the end user and create new value for them.
Although it is tough to get in to the Indian market, Bill encourages Taiwanese manufacturers not to give up. There are over one hundred million people in the population, meaning a very big domestic market.  He encourages companies to keep working and create new value for the market. "The rewards will present themselves when we show that Taiwan offers the best products."    

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