Mr. Chang Hu-lu and the W-TEAM

In 2012, The Taiwan Industrial Development Bureau determined that its challenge to the Woodworking Machinery industry is to reclaim the title rank of third in the world for export volume. The establishment of the W-Team has commenced a new era for Taiwan in terms of woodworking machinery, and it is expected that by 2016, this challenge will be met.

The W-TEAM's first demonstration team chose a wood flooring production line production line as its mission. With research and innovation provided by team leader Mr. Chang, leadership by TWMA, and equipment provided by five member companies, a state of the art fully automated solid wood flooring line has come to fruition. Cooperation like this ensures an ascent in Taiwan towards high-end marketability. This whole plant turnkey capacity sets Taiwan apart from its competitors, through added value and international competitiveness.

2012 marked the year when the Industrial Development Bureau and Ministry of Economic Affairs decided to promote the Taiwan Woodworking Machinery industry by launching the W-TEAM program. TWMA, the Taiwan Woodworking Machinery Association, brought five manufacturers together to develop the first technologically advanced project. With technical support from PMC(Precision Machinery Research & Development Center), the W-TEAM successfully completed its first mission, fully automated solid wood flooring production line. The unveiling ceremony was held on May 24, 2013 and a demonstration of the production line in action showcased technological breakthroughs which received much praise.

We had the honor to visit the W1 project leader, TWMA executive director and leader of the Innovation and Research Team Mr.Chang Hulu. He is also general manager of one of the manufacturers involved, Shen Ko Machine Co, Ltd. We asked him to elaborate on his participation in the project and the joys of the experience.

Mr. Chang began by thanking the W-TEAM, and he said: "The project was initially envisioned by Honorary Chairman C.L. Tu of TWMA. Throughout his term as chairman he beseeched the Ministry of Economic Affairs for subsidies to upgrade traditional industry policies and implement guidance for the success of the W-TEAM. At that time I was appointed as TWMA Research and Innovation Team Leader, and took on the task of deciding what sort of production line should be the W-TEAM's first project. After much discussion, it was decided to start with a basic product, something most close to home, something people can readily relate to. We went with the floor line to start. "

Chang said that the first goal was to find companies who were fitting and willing to contribute to the project, dubbed "W-1".  "Because this was an unprecedented new program, the majority of TWMA member firms lacked clear understanding of the plan and were not optimistic. Eventually the project gained the trust of Shen Ko Machine Co., Technik Associates, Yu Shyang Machine Co. and Ta Sane (Pro Sam) Co. Tsung Chang Machinery Co., Ltd. Through much communication a total of five member companies stepped forward to serve as "guinea pigs". We started planning the development of a stand alone solid wood floor processing fully automated integrated equipment production line. "

Chang recalls, "The first meeting with PMC happened on April 1of 2012, and we set a target for the production of between 7,200 to 10,800 square feet of product per day. To achieve this goal, we first had to integrate the various stand-alone machines. We had to calculate and adjust the capacity and speed of each one. Shen Ko Machine Co. brought stage one, a 4-sided moulder. Technik Associates provided stage 2, a double end tenoner. Stage 3 was brought by Yu Shyang Machine Co. in the form of a wide belt sander. We also needed feeding and conveyer systems and dust collection, which were provided by Ta Sane (Pro Sam) Co., and Tsung Chang Machinery, respectively.  Integrating these components was a seemingly simple process, but the actual implementation was painstakingly difficult. Stand-alone machines were all working without problems, but to be connected into a production line proved not so easy. We spent a lot of time harmonizing the mechanical parameters of each machine, and coordination of the set up took some real engineering."

Chang admitted in all earnestness, "While it was the subsidies provided by the Industrial Development Bureau that got us started, those funds proved inadequate to fully cover the execution process. It certainly did not cover the manpower involved and time each company had to spend, but in order to complete the mission, various manufacturers were willing to go all out. "

He said that during the 8 month long process, he spent a quarter of his own time working on the project. Today, the success of the program is owed mainly to the 5 companies who worked so hard and absorbed such high costs. The end result showed that TWMA and its Taiwan woodworking machine manufacturers can exhibit a new level of ability. The perfectionist attitude of the W1 team is more than evident.

Speaking TWMA promoting W-TEMA on the impact of Taiwan Woodworking Machinery Industry, Chang nursing record, said: "R & D alliances W1 complete physical production line for the industry to carry out success stories; production efficiency is also 7-8 from the original production line preparation shortened to 3 people.

W1 equipment for future marketing, Chang stressed nursing record, W1 future sales of its equipment through TWMA consensus for marketing, one to be grateful to the good intentions of this program TWMA birth, but also to take this platform to show Taiwan Woodworking Machinery entire line combinations strength. Chang nursing record offerings hanging guarantee that this set of equipment is the most competitive price is only about one-third of European and American brands, and the best efficiency of the production line.

W2 to be As the W-TEAM readies to launch future plans, Chang said: "The project's leading manufacturers must have the organizational ability to integrate the master plan with utmost coordination, and communication skills are particularly important. The process requires constant communication and coordination with diagnostic testing. Team members must be willing to sacrifice personal opinions and merge their views together to be successful. "

Mr. Chang Hulu sincerely thanked the PMC. "After this experience and all of the adjustments PMC guided us through, plans for the future project W2 should be very smooth. Whether it be paperwork, verification procedures or diagnostics, we have learned many lessons which will make us more efficient."  Chang also praised PMC by maintaining strong cooperation TWMA. The program has brought closer to understanding between the association and Taiwan Woodworking Machinery manufacturers.  The spirit of hard work overcame many shortcomings and results for W-2 look very promising.

He reiterated thanks to participating W-TEAM companies for their support and cooperation, so that W1 could accomplish perfect performance. Mission accomplished.
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