Primo: Ultimate Gang-rip Flexibility

/report by Greg Niederhaus Since 1960, the engineers at KUANG YUNG MACHINERY have been developing traditional machinery used to cut random sized planks fresh out of the saw mill. As markets sprouted in Southeast Asia, the mills were processing logs into rough planks and the straight line, multiple rip, and cut off saws from KUANG YUNG were widely used to process them down to standardized timber. Eventually markets in North America and Europe staked a large claim to the company's output, and in 1995 their new brand PRIMO debuted in Europe. With five decades of expertise under their belts, the three basic types of saws are perfected, and each type offers a full series to meet various shops' needs. Managing Director Mr. Joe Chang explained that straight line, multiple rip, and cut off saws perform basic functions with random sized timber planks. Since the planks exit the mill just roughly sawn, the first task is to establish a straight edge just right so as to minimize wastage. Then the boards are put through a multiple rip saw which has several blades spinning on the same shaft. Depending on how wide a board is desired, the blades are spaced accordingly. Finally, a cut off saw is used to get rid of knots and blemishes in the sawn boards. Traditionally, these are the basic processes involved before the wood is ready for finer shaping. [more...] The complete article is published in WFD 311 issue. For detailed interview, please contact us for free subscription. Thank you. Fax: +886-4-2322-09780 E-mail:
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