CYWWM: Storm Worn and Still Shipping

CEO of CYWWM Machinery Mr. L. Y. Hsu is a veteran of the Taiwanese woodworking machinery industry. Over the past thirty years his company has pioneered development of European style panel saws, though in the beginning they were specialized in small batch customized machinery for bicycle manufacturing. Their success in that realm led to the production of boring machines, and in 1989 they saw a potentially bright future in woodworking. Ensuing R&D led to their excelling in a broad range including acrylic polishing machines, horizontal boring machines, vertical boring machines, mortising machines, multiple head boring machines and last but not least, cut to size panel saws for wood, LCD backlight board, plastic, non-ferrous metals and CPT which is apparently the material used in the construction of highway barriers and sound retaining walls. Cutting smart **************** With so many items to explore, Mr. Hsu suggested that we focus on CYWWM's latest panel saw, the "Smartest" cut to size panel saw model CPS-20HV. He explained his no frills approach to the design of his machines. "Many of our competitors focus a lot of attention on aesthetics. We focus strictly on performance." Indeed, if you go on line and compare specifications between top models of panel saws among various leading companies, you'll discover some very large discrepancies. The CPS-20HV sports a maximum cut length of 6.5 meters with a saw carriage travel speed of 130 meters per minute in both directions. On average the competition falls short on max length by nearly half, and is about 30 meters per minute slower. He said you can stack six layers of super dense particle board 18mm thick each and it cuts like butter because the main saw is powered by 30 horsepower. That's 5 more HP than the competition offers. The blade bore is a whopping 80mm, compared to 60mm on similar models. With blade diameters up to 455mm, the extra two centimeters at the arbor provides a lot of additional stability. This model offers an extra Kg per square cm of working air pressure, a larger tapered scoring saw, and many other features that "make it superior," beamed Mr. Hsu. Copycats welcome ********************** Speaking with Mr. Hsu about the technical details of his machines is refreshing. "If others are going to copy what we do here at CYWWM, they are going to find a way," he states with a big smile. "It happens, but instead of guarding technical secrets we just make sure to keep coming out with superior performance." This is the kind of R&D vigor the chairman of TWMA, Bill Hong insists that companies need in order to survive these economically trying times. Mr. Hsu has some very similar thoughts about the direction Taiwan's woodworking industry needs to take. "You've got to be sure that everyone is making money," he says. "Employees, investors, agents and especially the client need to be earning if you expect long-term relationships to evolve." He predicts that within five years Taiwan will be much like Japan is now when it comes to the quality of its products and market share. "Sure, China is coming along quick in terms of output and technical improvement. But orders from the US are down by two thirds. They are catering to a booming domestic market which demands lower end products. Companies there that produce high end furniture refuse to use machines built in China." Other short comings there, according to Mr. Hsu include bad service and poor credibility. "Taiwanese woodworking machine producers need to get better integrated, build stronger relationships with clients, continue to develop precision technology and establish themselves deeper in overseas markets," he says, "and that is what they are doing." It seems that what ACIMALL and eumabois are achieving is rubbing off more and more in Taiwan. No guts, no glory ******************** Getting back to the guts of CYWWM panel saw technology, Mr. Hsu exhibits no fear in telling about what is inside. "We make sure the client gets supreme accuracy and efficiency for large panel processing." He pointed out that accuracy during heavy duty output measures within 0.2mm with the help of two systems, both magnetic scale and AC servo positioning, of which all components are imported. Cutting quality is enhanced by independent scoring and main spindle motors, and a pressure beam designed to deliver dual pressure strips with zero marring of the material. Exact parallelism is achieved with dual linear guides combined with a rack and pinion system, allowing the pusher and carriage excellent repeatability throughout 3 shift days. To achieve this, the saw carriage has to be extremely beefy, yet nimble. It travels up to 130m/minute on hard chrome plated guide rods, which in conjunction with the linear guides and rack and pinion drive act together to provide super stable traverse. Mitsubishi provides the 2 KW servo motor. Also there is an automatic lubricator to ensure smoothness and extend service life. Output at this level produces a lot of dust, which the CPS-20HV copes with by a centralized dust extraction system involving key type guards and 30 meters a second of air suction. The guards also serve to protect the operator. Side alignment of the workpiece is achieved with a dual piston action, and a pneumatic squaring cylinder ensures no side movement away from the fence. Company manager, Johnny Hsu exhibited how easy the controls are to handle. No keyboard and mouse, just a simple 15" touch screen and a few knobs and buttons. To set up a job it simply asks you question after question, you enter your dimensions and production begins. It's an intuitive system including self diagnostic troubleshooting. CYWWM is the sole agent in Taiwan for this system, designed in Czechoslovakia. One of its very practical functions is cut optimization where once the whole cut list for a job is entered, it calculates the best way to maximize material usage and minimize waste. This model panel saw employs 14 grippers, 4 floating feed tables and many options. Keeping busy in a raging storm ************************************ Having sold around two thousand panel saws so far, CYWWM recently shipped a CPS-20HV out to a heavy hitter in Turkey. Other main clients include FORMICA , CPT and SUNFOWER. Recent orders have come from Turkey, Indonesia and China, where one company is using 6 CYWWM machines nonstop over 3 shifts a day to pump out 800 containers of product per month. In parting, we noticed a chunk of aluminum about 4 inches thick sitting on one panel saw. "You mean these things can cut aluminum this thick?" we asked. "No problem." says Mr. Hsu. "Just swap in a suitable blade and provide lubricant. With the airlock system at the arbor you just release the pressure, use a single allen key and blade changes occur well inside of a minute." It is a time of uncertainty for many companies these days. CYWWM is one that has seen three decades of success, and they are rising with the tide as the storm continues to rage.
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