Woodworking Machinery Special Report: CEO of LEADERMAC Mr. Michael Chang

Interview by: Xu Shuling, TAMI Transllation by Greg Niederhaus, wfd Taiwanese woodworking machinery giant, LEADERMAC, is the biggest domestic name in 4-sided moulders. In 2004 the company relocated to a aiwanese woodworking machinery giant, LEADERMAC, is the biggest 7,600sq. ping facility to Da Du County, and its production line now occupies 5,000 sq. pings. One ping is 36 square feet. In 2006 they expanded another 1,800 pings of space making it quadruple the size of its former factory or 244,800 square feet. In 1992 the company employed 17 or 18 people, and now they have a staff of 120. Having increased its workforce by 7 times the original number over a course of 15 years, it is obvious to all in the industry that LEADERMAC is a force to be reckoned with. Mr. Michael Chang is the second generation CEO of LEADERMAC. Having studied abroad in Canada, his English is fluent. He implements managerial knowledge, and combines it with his unique international perspective. Having no language barrier, it is easy to make agents and customers become one. This enables LEADERMAC to hit new peaks continuously, giving rise to the attention of those in the industry. Mr. Chang says that LEADERMAC's rise to success has always been based on constant development of new products that meet customer needs. One step leaves a single footprint, and with persistence one sinks roots deep into the market. With 15 years in the industry, LEADERMAC's innovations include research and development, management reform, differentiating itself with the marketing of its own brand, innovation, improved customer satisfaction, improved attached value, the pursuit of efficiency, etc...The list goes on. We especially asked Mr. Michael Chang to share some of the vicissitudes of his own experience, and how they relate to the success of LEADERMAC. Outline: * General Overview of Taiwan's Woodworking Machinery Exports * New Heights of Innovation for 2007 * Dispersing Risk with Brand Name Value * Emerging Industrial countries - India, Middle East, Turkey * Tailored Service Leaves China Something to Strive For * Product Trends for Europe and the Americas: NC, High Speed and Ergonomics * R&D and Innovation to Meet Demands for New Products * Global Climate: Characteristics, Demands, and Tastes Vary * Influence of the Appreciation of the NT$ and Rising Costs of Materials * INTERWOOD Taipei 2008: High Speed, NC Tool Changing, Automated Feeding * Big Room for Growth, if One Can Survive the Next Decade For detail content, please contact us. E-mail: woodwork@ms14.hinet.net
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