Mr. Kun Cheng Chen -- Never pick up a knife by its edge

Established in 1979, LIN RUEY KNIFEWARE IND. CO., LTD. has grown at a steady rate as a supplier and manufacturer of specialized cutting tools for woodworking as well as other industries. President, Mr. Kun Cheng-chen has led the company through constant advancement and R&D, as they strive to develop cutting tools for a wide variety of applications, and in doing so has built a strong reputation of credibility. Cutting tools by LIN RUEY KNIFEWARE are well known for high quality and durability. A streamlined management and stocking system allows LIN RUEY to meet short term delivery requirements quickly, another factor in popular customer satisfaction. Long term and comprehensive refinement has built a wide base of both affirmative and supportive clientele. Mr. Kun expressed that 70% of LIN RUEY's cutting tools are made for applications in automation, and the remaining 30% are currently being re-developed for CNC as well. Each and every cutting tool is manufactured with high precision machinery, resulting in unwavering quality and accuracy. Mr. Kun acknowledges that when many buyers make enquiries their main focus is on price, without inquiring about quality. There are many factors to consider when purchasing a cutting tool, and he tries to educate those who are unaware when possible. He has a saying which goes, "When investing in a cutting tool, never pick up the knife by its edge." There are people who will go out and spend a fortune on a high performance vehicle, and then run it on cheap tires. Or they will spend thousands on a high fidelity stereo, only to use it to play cheap, pirated CDs. Examples like these abound. The point is, why invest in a top class CNC machine, if you are only going to use inferior cutting tools? You might save a little in initial set-up costs, but what that decision is costing shops in long term efficiency levels negates the potential of the machine. The cutter needs to match the performance of the machine, plain and simple. Skimping on tooling just doesn't pay off, and if you want to produce a high quality product for the lowest price possible, you should spend wisely on cutters for the best results.
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