Mr. Chiang, Tsung-An - A Win-win Combination of Brand and Quality

Mr. Chiang, Tsung-An - A Win-win Combination of Brand and Quality Established in Taiwan, TONG FONG CUTTERS CO., LTD. has been specialized in the manufacture of wood cutting tools since 1987. Main products include heavy duty helical planning cutter heads, finger jointer cutters, finger cutters for flooring, all kinds of profile cutters and much more. They make just about every type of cutter applicable to woodworking. Initially, sales were mainly to China and Southeast Asia, and in recent years markets in Europe, US, Japan and Eastern Europe have developed successfully! The president of DONG FONG, Mr. Chiang, Tsung-An indicates that due to rising market competition and a new age of low profit margins, DONG FONG is constantly faced with both challenges and opportunities to learn. Typically low prices in Mainland China have a significant impact on his original market. So several years ago Mr. Chiang altered his strategy by investing heavily in quality upgrades, and building a strong brand name. He prefers to focus R&D efforts on producing refined, high precision tools, which really is the only way to maintain a sustained market. Innovation in R&D can be a tough path to forge, but it's worth the effort. According to Mr. Chiang, critics may feel that his methods yield less than favorable return rates on his investment, but he requires the strictest attention to detail and quality control of all employees. Anything less is unacceptable! Regarding DONG FONG's brand image, Mr. Chiang has a high budget for advertising. When it comes to outsource manufacturing, one always has to be ready with alternative plans. If buyers upstream can find similar products at a lower price or higher quality, they will replace you with another supplier. So during this past decade DONG FONG has exhibited at major international trade shows, and made sure to leave its mark as a brand to rely on. He also places high importance on multi-media exposure. Frankly speaking, whether or not a company sees immediate results from a single advertisement or an exhibition depends largely on luck. The important thing to maintain is the building of long-term exposure. That is where the power is, which harnesses explosive potential. Mr. Chiang says that if it was easy to obtain sustained orders, nobody would bother with exhibitions or advertising. Building a brand image takes tenacity. Bit by bit, clients become familiar with you, but only if you make sure they see you on a repeated basis. They see you once, they see you twice, again and again until they start to retain an impression. Hence, only with repeated exposure can you elevate your brand image and company reputation. The publicity generated by advertising and trade shows of course helps in opening new markets, because exhibitions provide an excellent opportunity for buyers to talk business in person. For example, if a first time client and I are not familiar with each other yet, we require them to transfer payment prior to our shipping the goods. I have found that with the ascension of our brand name comes a reputation of reliability, in that first time clients are more willing to accommodate this request. Mr. Chiang further stresses that DONG FONG enjoys twice the results at half the effort, because he promotes his brand while at the same time advancing the quality if his cutting tools. Admittedly, precision and quality levels in the beginning were not particularly high. DONG FONG catered to low end manufacturers in Asia at that time. But as companies in the States and Europe started to observe more closely, he began to elevate levels of quality and precision. The end result of these endeavors could not have been better, because now DONG FONG cutters are associated in those western regions with high quality and accuracy! "I am not a man of exceedingly lofty goals for greatness," Mr. Chiang states matter-of-factly. You can set up a large enterprise behind a grandiose façade with mediocre technical expertise and produce a mediocre product. Many brands come out of conglomerates like that, which consist of sub-par companies that couldn't make the cut. But that is not the style of TONG FONG CUTTERS CO., LTD. Step by step, stage by stage, and in an orderly fashion the company is achieving its goals with practicality and hard work. "Getting the job done right is what breathes vitality into Taiwanese small and medium-sized enterprises, and it's that spirit which is at the core of our competitive power!"
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