Export Research of Taiwan Woodworking Machinery

An export research project released from Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) in September 2016 depicted the role of Taiwan woodworking machinery industry in global market. Researchers first analyzed the world's leading traders on woodworking machinery and comparing Taiwan's exporters with global exporters. Next, researchers analyzed the main importers of the target nations, collecting relative information for references.
According to the report from International Trade Centre (ITC) in 2015, the total value of world export on woodworking machinery is 6.4 bilions US dollars. Nations in top five were Germany (1.4  billions US dollars, 22.41% of total), China (1.2 billions US$, 19.25% of total), Italy (1.1 billions US$, 17.96 of total), Taiwan (0.5 billion US$, 8.08% of total), and Australia (0.3 billion US$, 6.08% of total).  The sum of these countries accounted for up to 73.77%, showing the suppliers are concentrated in the market. In 2007, the export value in China was below the value in Taiwan. However, since 2008 China had surpassed Taiwan, and then overrided Italy in 2014. China turns to become the second in global export nation.
Regards the import market, based on the report from ITC, the total value of world import on woodworking machinery is 6.3 billions US dollars. The top five are the United States (1.1 billions US$, 18.04% of total, China (0.35 billion US$, 5.67% of total), Russia (0.32 billion US$, 5.08% of total), Germany (0.29 billion US$, 4.71 of total), and Vietnam (0.27 billion US$, 4.40 of total). The sum of top five account for 37.90% of total import value, contrary to the concentrated supply market. 
On the other hand, compared with data of 2006, in 2015 the total import value of China had decreased almost half of the value. Woodworking machinery made in China has significantly replaced imported machinery. Contrary to China, the import value of Vietnam in has growned almost triple in ten years, revealing the fast growing of Vietnemt furnituer market.
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