Threespine - Click Furniture Technology


While walking through E7 at FMC China 2016, you would find a crowd of people
in front of a booth next to the entry. It was Välinge, a Swedish innovative company,
demonstrating their new “Click Furniture Technology”, called Threespine™.
Threespine™ allow furniture be assembled in seconds without using any tool.
The new techology makes assembling become really easy.


Mr. Joshua Ngo C K, the area business manager of Välinge, showed the whole process
of assembling. From the pictures you would notice the flexible plastic tongues are inserted
in the panel. While the flexible plastic tongue is pushed into the tongue groove, it is locking
tongue snaps out into a wedge groove. Mr. Joshua Ngo C K mentioned that the strength and
the stability of furniture made by Threespine™ can be 4 times greater than traditional assembling methods.


The great news is that the installation of Threespine™ production can be achieved without
much effort. Threespine™ is compatible with existing machinery such as:

CNC machines

Double-sided edge-banding machines

Double-end tenoners(DET)

Profiling machines


For the flexible plastic tongues, Välinge provides solutions for high- and low-volume production.
Also, engineers and technicians provides installation support and training to ensure production transition.


Mr. Joshua Ngo C K stated that Threespine™ is made by machine, it ensures right angle between
parts of furnitures. To sum up, Threespine™ achieve the requirements of speed and quality. Moreover,
it removes all the needs of hardware, creating a enrionmentally friendly furniture manufacure process.
Mr. Joshua Ngo C K expected Threespine™ can be widely spread, as it create benefits for manufacturers,
users, and environments.

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