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    interwood - Woodworking & Furniture Digest (Monthly) ISSN 1991-1556
    Established since 1980, Woodworking & Furniture Digest serves the wood-based panels, solid wood, wood component and furniture manufacturing industries. We report on the woodworking industry's manufacturing and distribution, latest technologies as well as in-depth articles on global woodworking machinery and furniture exhibitions. Woodworking & Furniture Digest is the best choice for companies to present their products and services.

    We attend more than fifteen international exhibitions each year where copies are distributed free to buyers and visitors. During the past twenty-five years, our footprints have reached countries such as the United States, Germany, Italy, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Poland, China and Hong Kong.

    We sincerely welcome woodworking related companies from all over the globe to submit articles on technology along with other academic articles, or send us any news. If your company has obtained an international patent, developed a new product or made a breakthrough in technology, please let us and the world know. Through your efforts, you can help your company's or country's image by simply informing Woodworking & Furniture Digest.
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    Interwood Woodworking Machinery Multi-media Directory - IMMD (Taiwan Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers)


    • Printed Directory
    • Interactive Search e-book


    • Collect basic information and advertisements of Taiwan woodworking machinery companies TOP 100.
    • Keyword searching. You can search by company’s name, machine model numbers, machine names or other keywords.
    • Download pdf files.
    • Easy to print out.
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    TWMA Directory
    The TWMA publishes a yearly buyer's guide and directory related to members and products and how to find woodworking machinery manufacturers in Taiwan. The directory features a basic database and main products as well as well-presented advertisements of members' products. The first edition was published in 1987 by the TWMA and they commissioned WFD to produce and print it. Now, the directory has been published for 29 years and it is well-known all around the world.
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    Wood Drying Manual- Chinese(Traditional)
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    Marketing and Management in the Chinese Furniture Industry- Chinese(Simplified)